Real-time rendering of CSG models. More...


class  SoCSGAction
  SolidViz CSGAction class. More...
class  SoCSGGroup
  SolidViz Group node for Constructive Solid Geometry rendering. More...
class  SoCSGOperation
  SolidViz Class which computes a CSG operation (OR, AND, SUB, etc) from 2 solid objects. More...
class  SoSolidViz
  SolidViz Class to initialize SolidViz. More...

Detailed Description

Real-time rendering of CSG models.

DEPRECATED: SolidViz is deprecated and no longer supported since OIV 9.5.

NOTE: The classes in this extension do not exist in Open Inventor 10.0 and later.

The SolidViz extension provides solid modeling nodes for describing 3D shapes as combinations of other shapes using Boolean operations such as merge, intersection, and subtraction.

NOTE: SolidViz is not a separately licensed extension. You must have an OpenInventor license string.



Summary of Classes

Interactive Rendering of CSG Models Using SoCSGGroup


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