VRML 1.0 nodes
[VRML Nodes]

Supported VRML1.0 nodes. More...


class  SoAsciiText
  VSG extension Simple 3D text shape node. More...
class  SoFontStyle
  VSG extension Defines font family and style for text. More...
class  SoLOD
  VSG extension Distance-based level-of-detail switching group node. More...
class  SoWWWAnchor
  VSG extension Separator group node with a URL hyperlink. More...
class  SoWWWInline
  VSG extension Node that refers to children through a URL. More...

Detailed Description

Supported VRML1.0 nodes.

NOTE: The VRML classes do not exist in Open Inventor 10.0 and later.

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