Data structures and constant

VolumeViz VolumeViz GLSL shaders data structures and constants. More...


file  vvizStructure.h

Detailed Description

VolumeViz VolumeViz GLSL shaders data structures and constants.

The following pre-processing directives are dynamically added to the shader pipeline and can be used by application defined shader functions.

- VVIZ_DATARGBA : Is true if VVizData (VolumeViz input data) contains RGBA values.
In this case each value in VVizData is a vec4. Otherwise each value is a float.
(Before Open Inventor 8.5 only float values were supported.)

- VVIZ_DATATYPE : A string defining the GLSL data type in the volume (VVizData).
If VVIZ_DATARGBA is true, then VVIZ_DATATYPE is defined as "vec4", in all other cases it is defined as "float".
(Before Open Inventor 8.5 only type float was supported.)

- VVIZ_NUM_CLIPPING_PLANES : Defines the current numbers of GL clipping planes to take in account.

- VVIZ_SHAPE_TYPE : Define the shape that is currently rendered.
It can be usefull to specialize shader behavior depending on dhape type. It can be VVIZ_VRENDER, VVIZ_SLICE, VVIZ_OBLSLICE, VVIZ_VGEOM, VVIZ_VSKIN or VVIZ_HEIGHTFIELD.

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