Medical Dental Curve Unfolding

VolumeViz This is a proof of concept presenting the abilities of Open Inventor to use shaders to unfold data sets and this by following predefined splines.

Here we use this solution to unfold a jaw along with a predefined spline. Then after we get a rendering like a Dental Panoramic X-Ray. By using the SoROIManip we can change the slab thickness and its position.

Pressing 'U' activates unfolding animation and pressing 'S' stops it. We also used the Average Intensity Projection along the slab. You can change this render mode by changing the renderMode field of SoVolumeRender.



SoVolumeRenderingQuality, SoFragmentShader, SoShaderParameter1f, SoNodeSensor, SoEventCallback, SoTimeCounter, SoVolumeRender


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