MeshViewer example with 3D mesh

MeshViz Demonstrates MeshViz XLM display features in an interactive program.

This example shows how to visualize a 3D mesh with the MeshViewer.

Scalar, Vector, Stream, Probe and Filter values can be changed using the corresponding tab in the dialog box.



MoMesh, MoMeshViz, MoScalarSetI, MbVec3SetI, MoMeshSkin, MoMeshPlaneSlice, MoMeshIsosurface, MoMeshVector, MoMeshGridPlaneSlice, MoMeshStreamline, MoCellFilter, MiCellFilter, MoMaterial, MoDrawStyle, MoPredefinedColorMapping, MbVolumeMeshHexahedron, MbScalarSetI, MbVec3SetI


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