Picking tutorial 8

MeshViz Demonstrates simple picking in an interactive program.

This program shows how to pick cells on a mesh representation and how to highlight and manage the list of picked faces on the skin.

This tutorial is similar to tutorial 6 but the node ids of the selected faces are displayed. It also prints in the console the relative number of the picked face to the selected cell. In order to get this number, it compares the center of the selected face to each face center of the selected volume cell.

Click on the viewer's arrow icon to switch from viewing mode to selection mode.

Move the mouse cursor over the mesh skin and click the left mouse button. Picked faces are drawn in cyan. Node ids of the picked faces are displayed in white.



SoPickedPoint, SoEventCallback, MoMesh, MoMeshSkin, MoMeshCellShape, MoFaceDetailI, MoMeshDetail, MoDrawStyle, MoMaterial, MeXSurfaceMeshUnstructured, MeXSurfaceCell, MiVolumeCell::getFacetCenter


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