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OIV.VolumeViz.Nodes Namespace
Public classSoFenceSlice

Fence slice shape node.

Public classSoHeightFieldGeometry

Height field data node.

Public classSoHeightFieldProperty

Height field property node.

Public classSoHeightFieldPropertyMask

Height field mask node.

Public classSoHeightFieldRender

Heightfield rendering node.

Public classSoObliqueSlice

Oblique slice shape node.

Public classSoOffscreenVolumeRender

Extract data from an SoVolumeRender.

Public classSoOrthoSlice

Ortho slice shape node.

Public classSoSlice

Abstract base class for slice shape nodes.

Public classSoUniformGridClipping

Clips a volume using a 2D surface.

Public classSoUniformGridProjectionClipping

Clips a volume with the depth map projection of a shape.

Public classSoVolumeBufferedShape

Buffered shape node for volume data.

Public classSoVolumeClippingGroup

Clipping a volume with a 3D object.

Public classSoVolumeData

Volume data property node.

Public classSoVolumeDataDrawStyle

Volume draw style.

Public classSoVolumeFaceSet

Polygonal face shape node for volume data.

Public classSoVolumeGroup

Groups multiple volumes to be volume rendered in the same scene.

Public classSoVolumeIndexedFaceSet

Indexed polygonal face shape node for volume data.

Public classSoVolumeIndexedTriangleStripSet

Indexed triangle strip set shape node for volume data.

Public classSoVolumeIsosurface

Isosurface property node.

Public classSoVolumeMask

Volume mask.

Public classSoVolumeMaskGroup

Volume mask group.

Public classSoVolumeRender

Renders a data volume using direct volume rendering.

Public classSoVolumeRendering

Initializes the VolumeViz module database.

Public classSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQuality

Volume rendering physical quality property node.

Public classSoVolumeRenderingQuality

Volume rendering quality property mode.

Public classSoVolumeShader
Public classSoVolumeShape

Abstract base class for slices, SoVolumeSkin, SoHeightFieldRender, and SoVolumeRender nodes.

Public classSoVolumeSkin

Draws a data volume skin.

Public classSoVolumeTransform

Transform data before texture creation.

Public classSoVolumeTriangleStripSet

Triangle strip set shape node for volume data.

Public enumerationSoFenceSliceAxisType
Public enumerationSoHeightFieldRenderBoundaryCellsType

Boundary cells mode.

Public enumerationSoHeightFieldRenderNormalPrecisions

Obsoletesince Open Inventor 9300 No longer used.

Public enumerationSoOffscreenVolumeRenderComponentsType
Public enumerationSoOrthoSliceAxisType

Slice Axis (see discussion of medical data axes in the class description)

Public enumerationSoOrthoSliceClippingSides

Clipping Side mode.

Public enumerationSoSliceAlphaUses

Alpha component usage mode Used in the alphaUse field.

Public enumerationSoUniformGridClippingAxisType

Slice Axis.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataAxis

Which axis to handle.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataCmds Obsolete.
Public enumerationSoVolumeDataCoordinateTypes

Coordinate type used by this data set.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataOverMethods

Over sampling method mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataStorageHints

Storage Hints mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataSubMethods

Sub sampling method mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeDataDrawStyleDrawStyles

Volume rendering style.

Public enumerationSoVolumeFaceSetInterpolations
Public enumerationSoVolumeGroupVGStates Obsolete.
Public enumerationSoVolumeIndexedFaceSetInterpolations
Public enumerationSoVolumeIndexedTriangleStripSetInterpolations
Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderAbortCodes

Abort code for callback.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderLowResModes

Method to use when moving in low resolution.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderNumSlicesControls

Number of samples control mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderRenderModes

Composition mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderSamplingAlignments

Sampling alignment.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingCmds Obsolete.
Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingHW_Features

Hardware Features Mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingHW_SupportStatus

Hardware Features support status.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingVisualFeedbackParams

Obsoletesince Open Inventor 7000 No longer used.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQualityEnvironmentMaps

List of available Environment Maps for Physically Based Lighting.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQualityPredefinedMaterials

List of available predefined materials.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQualityShadingStyles

List of available shading styles.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQualityShadowsStyles

List of available types of shadows.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingPhysicalQualityToneMappings

List of available Tone Mapping algorithms for Physically Based Lighting.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingQualityEdgeDetect2DMethods

The edge detection algorithm used when edgeDetect2D is true, can work on the image luminance, depth buffer and/or gradient.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingQualityGradientQualities

Gradient Quality mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeRenderingQualityLightingModels

Available Lighting Model mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeShaderShaderPositions

Specifies the position of the shader pipeline stages in the field shaderObject.

Public enumerationSoVolumeShapeCompositions

Composition mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeShapeInterpolations

Interpolation mode.

Public enumerationSoVolumeSkinFaceModes

Use this enum with the faceMode field.

Public enumerationSoVolumeTriangleStripSetInterpolations