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SoVolumeRenderingSetDelayedRendering Method

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Namespace: OIV.VolumeViz.Nodes
Assembly: OIV.VolumeViz (in OIV.VolumeViz.dll) Version: (
[ObsoleteAttribute("See documentation for more details")]
public static void SetDelayedRendering(
	bool flag


Type: SystemBoolean

Sets the delayedRendering flag. Default is false. When this flag is true , VolumeViz drawing nodes (e.g., SoOrthoSlice) are rendered in a delayed pass (until after all opaque objects) and/or sorted according to the current transparency type (see SoGLRenderAction). This may result in a more correct image if there is opaque geometry intersecting the volume. However delayed/sorted rendering may slightly decrease performance. This flag may also be set using the IVVR_DELAY_RENDER environment variable.Obsoletesince Open Inventor 9000 This is now automaticaly done only if necessary.

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