Inventor/lists/SbIntList.h File Reference

#include <Inventor/SbPList.h>

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 SbIntList ()
 SbIntList (int initSize)
void append (int integer)
void set (int index, int val)
void set (int startIndex, int *values, int numValues)
int find (int integer)
void insert (int integer, int addBefore)
int & operator[] (int i) const

Function Documentation

void append ( int  integer  ) 
int find ( int  integer  ) 
void insert ( int  integer,
int  addBefore 
int& operator[] ( int  i  )  const

Returns the i'th value of the field.

Indexing past the end of the field (passing in i greater than getNum()) will return garbage.

SbIntList ( int  initSize  ) 
void set ( int  startIndex,
int *  values,
int  numValues 
void set ( int  index,
int  val 

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