SoDeprecationRules.h File Reference

#include <SoVersion.h>

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#define __has_feature(x)   0
#define __has_extension(x)   __has_feature

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#define __has_extension (  )     __has_feature
#define __has_feature (  )     0

Used to hide APIs deprecated after the given version.

This will cause an error to be signaled at compile time if a deprecated API is used.

By default it is defined to 0.


    • all visible deprecated API will generate a warning if used (unless it is deactivated at compiler flag level).
    • all demos/contrib provided by the toolkit do not use any deprecated API.
    • IMPORTANT : A build which use SoDEPRECATED_ERROR_VERSION != 0 must not be run! It may fail silently due to inconsistent declarations in the libraries and user code.

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