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extendBy(const SbVec2d &pt)SbBox2d
extendBy(const SbBox2d &r)SbBox2d
getAspectRatio() const SbBox2d [inline]
getBounds(double &xmin, double &ymin, double &xmax, double &ymax) const SbBox2d [inline]
getBounds(SbVec2d &_min, SbVec2d &_max) const SbBox2d [inline]
getCenter() const SbBox2d
getClosestPoint(const SbVec2d &point) const SbBox2d
getMax() const SbBox2d [inline]
getMin() const SbBox2d [inline]
getOrigin(double &originX, double &originY) const SbBox2d [inline]
getSize(double &sizeX, double &sizeY) const SbBox2d [inline]
getSize() const SbBox2d [inline]
hasArea() const SbBox2d [inline]
intersect(const SbVec2d &pt) const SbBox2d
intersect(const SbBox2d &bb) const SbBox2d
intersection(const SbBox2d &box) const SbBox2d
isEmpty() const SbBox2d [inline]
SbBox2d()SbBox2d [inline]
SbBox2d(double xmin, double ymin, double xmax, double ymax)SbBox2d [inline]
SbBox2d(const SbVec2d &_min, const SbVec2d &_max)SbBox2d [inline]
setBounds(double xmin, double ymin, double xmax, double ymax)SbBox2d [inline]
setBounds(const SbVec2d &_min, const SbVec2d &_max)SbBox2d [inline]
~SbBox2d()SbBox2d [inline]
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