Open Inventor Release 2024.1.2
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SbColorRGBA Member List

This is the complete list of members for SbColorRGBA, including all inherited members.

dot(const SbVec4f &v) constSbVec4finline
equals(const SbVec4f &v, float tolerance) constSbVec4f
getHSVAValue(float &h, float &s, float &v, float &a) constSbColorRGBA
getHSVAValue(float hsva[4]) constSbColorRGBAinline
getPackedValue() constSbColorRGBA
getReal(SbVec3f &v) constSbVec4f
getValue() constSbVec4finline
getValue(float &x, float &y, float &z, float &w) constSbVec4f
length() constSbVec4f
lengthSquared() constSbVec4finline
operator*=(float d)SbVec4f
operator+=(const SbVec4f &u)SbVec4f
operator-() constSbVec4f
operator-=(const SbVec4f &u)SbVec4f
operator/=(float d)SbVec4f
operator[](int i)SbVec4finline
operator[](int i) constSbVec4finline
SbColorRGBA(const SbVec4f vec4f)SbColorRGBAinline
SbColorRGBA(const float rgba[4])SbColorRGBAinline
SbColorRGBA(float r, float g, float b, float a)SbColorRGBAinline
SbColorRGBA(uint32_t orderedRGBA)SbColorRGBA
SbVec4f(const float v[4])SbVec4finlineexplicit
SbVec4f(float x, float y, float z, float w)SbVec4finline
SbVec4f(const T &v)SbVec4finlineexplicit
setHSVAValue(float h, float s, float v, float a)SbColorRGBA
setHSVAValue(const float hsva[4])SbColorRGBAinline
setPackedValue(uint32_t orderedRGBA)SbColorRGBA
setValue(const float v[4])SbVec4f
setValue(float x, float y, float z, float w)SbVec4f
setValue(const SbVec4d &vec4d)SbVec4f