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format(const char *fmt="%S.%i") const SbTime
formatDate(const char *fmt=DEFAULT_FORMAT_DATE) const SbTime
getMsecValue() const SbTime
getTimeOfDay()SbTime [static]
getValue() const SbTime
getValue(time_t &sec, long &usec) const SbTime
getValue(struct timeval *tv) const SbTime
max()SbTime [static]
maxTime()SbTime [static]
operator!=(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime
operator%(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime
operator*=(double s)SbTime
operator+=(const SbTime &tm)SbTime
operator-() const SbTime
operator-=(const SbTime &tm)SbTime
operator/(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime
operator/=(double s)SbTime
operator<(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime [inline]
operator<=(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime [inline]
operator==(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime
operator>(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime [inline]
operator>=(const SbTime &tm) const SbTime [inline]
SbTime()SbTime [inline]
SbTime(double sec)SbTime
SbTime(time_t sec, long usec)SbTime
SbTime(const struct timeval *tv)SbTime
setMsecValue(unsigned long msec)SbTime
setValue(double sec)SbTime
setValue(time_t sec, long usec)SbTime
setValue(const struct timeval *tv)SbTime
sleep(const int msec)SbTime [static]
usleep(size_t usec)SbTime [static]
zero()SbTime [static]
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