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Variablesdefined in
Functionsdefined in
getClearColor() const =0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
getClearDepth() const =0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
getClearPolicy() const =0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
getSceneGraph() const =0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
getSize() const =0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
onStartRender()=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
render()=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
setClearColor(const SbColorRGBA &color)=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
setClearDepth(float depth)=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
setClearPolicy(ClearPolicy policy)=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
setSceneGraph(SoNode *newScene)=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
setSize(const SbVec2i32 &size)=0SiRenderArea [pure virtual]
Enumerationsdefined in
ClearPolicy enum nameSiRenderArea
RenderStatus enum nameSiRenderArea
Enumeratordefined in
ABORTED enum valueSiRenderArea
COLORBUFFER enum valueSiRenderArea
DEPTHBUFFER enum valueSiRenderArea
INTERACTIVE enum valueSiRenderArea
NONE enum valueSiRenderArea
STILL enum valueSiRenderArea
Typedefsdefined in

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