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applySettings() const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
exitClass()SoGLDeviceSettings [static]
getParameter(const SbString &pParameterId) const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
getParameterCount() const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
getParameterIdbyIndex(const unsigned int index) const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
getSettingName() const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
getSettingNameByIndex(const unsigned int index) const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
getSettingsCount() const =0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
initClass()SoGLDeviceSettings [static]
setParameter(const SbString &pParameterId, const SbString &pParameterValue)=0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
setSettingName(const SbString &pPredefinedSettingName)=0SoGLDeviceSettings [pure virtual]
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