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addPasteInterest(Atom dataType, SoXtClipboardImportCB *pasteImportFunc, void *userData=NULL)SoXtClipboard
copy(SoNode *node, Time eventTime)SoXtClipboard
copy(SoPath *path, Time eventTime)SoXtClipboard
copy(SoPathList *pathList, Time eventTime)SoXtClipboard
copy(Atom dataType, void *data, uint32_t numBytes, Time eventTime)SoXtClipboard
paste(Time eventTime, SoXtClipboardPasteCB *pasteDoneFunc, void *userData=NULL)SoXtClipboard
SoXtClipboard(SoWidget w, Atom selectionAtom=_XA_CLIPBOARD_)SoXtClipboard
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