Large Model

Large Model Visualization. More...


class  SoGlobalSimplifyAction
  VSG extension Traverses the scene graph and collects all the triangles in a single list. More...
class  SoReorganizeAction
  VSG extension Reorganizes the scene graph by grouping shapes with common properties, then groups these shapes in a single shape and runs the simplifier on it. More...
class  SoShapeSimplifyAction
  VSG extension Simplify action that replaces shapes within a scene graph with versions that contain fewer triangles. More...
class  SoLevelOfSimplification
  VSG extension Level-of-detail switching node designed for grouping simplified versions of the same shape. More...
class  SoDecimator
  VSG extension Encapsulates an algorithm for simplifying shapes through mesh decimation. More...
class  SoSimplifier
  VSG extension Abstract base class for objects that encapsulate simplification algorithms. More...

Detailed Description

Large Model Visualization.

Open Inventor and Large Model Visualization (LMV) -- The Solution for Large Model Visualization

In order to visualize graphics quickly, we have to be clever in choosing which primitives we feed to the graphics pipeline. The demand for increasingly complex 3D graphics models is growing faster than graphics workstation hardware can keep up. The only solution left is to find ways to represent models and scenes with fewer graphics primitives, and to send only the needed primitives to the graphics pipeline.

Since Open Inventor 2.4, there have been techniques to enhance large model visualization with view frustum culling and caching mechanisms and levels of detail. Starting with Open Inventor 2.5, we have gone further and added new techniques for visualization of large models and assemblies, as described below.

Geometry Simplification


Simplify Actions

Adaptive Viewing

RenderList Node, ValueOrdering, OctreeOrdering

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