Open Inventor Release 2024.1.1
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Tessellation shaders

VolumeViz VolumeViz GLSL tessellation shaders API. More...


vec3 VVizTessVertexShift (in vec3 position, in vec2 texCoord)
 SoVolumeShader::TESS_VERTEX_SHIFT function.

Detailed Description

VolumeViz VolumeViz GLSL tessellation shaders API.

Function Documentation

◆ VVizTessVertexShift()

vec3 VVizTessVertexShift ( in vec3  position,
in vec2  texCoord 

SoVolumeShader::TESS_VERTEX_SHIFT function.

This function can be redefined by the application to modify each vertex position during HeightField rendering. It is associated with the SoVolumeShader::TESS_VERTEX_SHIFT shader stage. By default, the input position is returned.

The SoVolumeShader::TESS_VERTEX_SHIFT shader stage must be set with an SoTessellationEvaluationShader, but this function will also be called by the tessellation control stage and the fragment stage, so the shader code must only use the GLSL API that is common to those 3 stages.

positionVertex position on the HeightField surface in model space: XY in [-1, 1] and Z is the data set value, normalized for integer types (see SoHeightFieldRender).
texCoord2D Texture coordinate assiciated with the 3D position.
The new vertex position in model space.