Material and draw style example

MeshViz Demonstrates material and draw style features.

This program shows how to use the material and drawstyle nodes.

This program displays a curvilinear surface mesh.

Click on the arrow icon to enable keyboard events.

Hit 1 to enable contouring on facets.

Hit 2 to enable uniform coloring of facets.

Hit 3 to enable contouring on edges.

Hit 4 to enable uniform coloring of edges.

Hit 5 to enable contouring on points.

Hit 6 to enable uniform coloring on edges.

Hit the F, E and P keys to toggle face, edge and point visibilities, respectively.

Hit the F1 key to switch between level and linear color maps.



MoMesh, MoScalarSetIj, MoMeshSurface, MoMaterial, MoDrawStyle, MoLevelColorMapping, MoLinearColorMapping


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