DICOM Image Filter - Wipe

VolumeViz DICOM Image Filter - Wipe.

This example extends the DICOM ImageViewer example. In this example we want to be able to load a DICOM image or series and apply an image filter to the image that is currently displayed. The new code shows how to get the image (or volume) data into ImageViz, how to create a basic filter pipeline and how to bridge the output of the filters back into VolumeViz for display.

There are several ways to present the filtered image to the user. There is also an example that shows how to "toggle" between the original image and the filtered image. In this example we display both images side-by-side using a technique similar to the well known "image wipe" effect. The user can move the dividing line back and forth to compare the original image to the filtered image in a compact amount of screen space.

In this example we use the "deblur" filter, partly because its effect on the image is easy to see. Your application can use any of the smoothing, edge detection, etc filters or chain multiple filters together.

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SoVolumeData, SoDataRange, SoOrthoSlice


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