Multi View

VolumeViz Very useful demonstration that explains how to share a same dataset between three different viewers.

In this case, a 3D and a 2D viewers.

In this viewer you obtain a rendering of a Dicom stack using the RayCasting technology of VolumeViz. You can manipulate this 3D volume by right clicking the left button of the mouse and by moving the mouse. We load a stack of Dicom or an LDA ( Open Inventor file format that give the capabilities to manipulate out of core data set ) file. With LDA file, even if the size of the file is bigger than the memory size of your computer, the dataset is still immediately loaded.

In selection mode ( ESC in the 3D viewer ), it is also possible to change the min and max values of the SoTransferFunction. Still in selection mode (cursor == arrow), you can select the dragger to manipulate the connected SoObliqueSlice + SoClipPlane. The rendering of this manipulation is done in the 2D viewer (bottom left).

In this Render Area (top right), we render nine SoOrthoSlice (from SoVolumeData). If you select the DOWN arrow of the keyboard, you decrease by five the index of each orthoSlice and if the UP arrow is selected, you increase by five the index of each SoOrthoSlice.



SoVolumeData, SoTransferFunction, SoDataRange, SoJackDragger


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