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bool OivDepthPeel (vec3 fragmentCoords)
void OivDepthPeelingOutputColor (vec4 color)
void OivDepthPeelingOutputColor (vec4 color, vec3 coords)

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void OivDepthPeelingOutputColor ( vec4  color,
vec3  coords 

By default the depth generated by the rasterizer (gl_FragCoord.z) is used, but some algorithms may modify the depth in the fragment shader.

In these cases gl_FragCoord.z is not valid and the user-defined depth coordinate must be explicitly specified in the 'coords' parameter.

void OivDepthPeelingOutputColor ( vec4  color  ) 

When depth peeling is enabled, OivDepthPeelingOutputColor must be called instead of setting 'gl_FragColor' since some depth peeling techniques use MRTs (multiple render targets) or premultiply the color by the alpha value (on-the-fly blending for example).

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