Streamlines example

MeshViz Demonstrates streamlines representation in an interactive program.

This program shows how to visualize streamlines.

A regular mesh is loaded at start-up and a set of streamlines is applied on it. The streamlines starting points can be changed.

Click on the arrow icon to enable keyboard events.

Hit the I key then u/d to move them along the I-axis. Hit the J key then u/d to move them along the J-axis. Hit the K key then u/d to move them along the K-axis.

The full mesh skin is also added to the scene.

Other types of mesh can be loaded, such as unstructured volume mesh and unstructured Ijk mesh by pressing 1 and 3 keys.

Hit the C/N key to extract streamlines with a vector set binded per cell/node

Hit the V key to visualize vectors connected to the streamlines



MoMesh, MoScalarSetI, MoScalarSetIjk, MoVec3SetI, MoVec3SetIjk, MoDataBinding, MoMeshSkin, MoMeshStreamlines, MoDrawStyle, MoMeshVector, MoPredefinedColorMapping


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