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Open Inventor Toolkit

Open Inventor Overview

What are Preview Features ?

Open Inventor Examples

Open Inventor Core examples.


Using shapes

Using textures, images and videos.

Using Switch.

Using shaders.

AlternateRep Features

BackgroundNode Features

clipPlaneManip Features

CorrectTransparency Features

Devices Properties query

Fast editing example

Selection using FastEdit feature

Use a selection dialog box to open a file.

Highlighting Styles Demo

Hidden Line rendering Demo

Define a set of graphics preferences.

ivToHTML tool

Depth buffer

Depth offset

Polygon offset

Text properties

Define Unicode string

Enable Red/Cyan stereo.

Detail Selection

Extended Selection

Accessing field Value

Custom key and mouse binding in viewers


Magellan MFC

SoViewportClipping usage

Fonts rendering

How to create a custom ScreenDrawer

SbEventHandler usage example

Compute examples.

Buffer objects examples.

Draggers benchmark

Shader browser

Maze game

Slot car

Virtual Reality demo

GUI viewer components

Open Inventor Qt examples

Inventor Mentor examples



DialogViz extension examples.

HardCopy extension examples.

Open Inventor Medical examples

Medical Data Analysis

Medical Image Processing

Medical Readers

Medical Rendering

Medical Segmentation Examples

Medical Tools

Medical Transfer Functions

Medical Remote Rendering

Medical Dental

MeshViz XLM extension examples

Mesh Templates For QuickStart

MeshVizXLM extension examples

MeshVizExtractor examples

MeshViz XLM tutorials

MeshViz examples

VolumeViz Examples

Standard LDM converter example

Custom LDM converter example

Custom converter for SEGY

Per slice computing demo.

Volume dynamic histogram computation.

per slice computing demo.

High Quality rendering for medical data.

2D SEGY with wiggle traces rendering.

Simple transparency curve editor.

Typical VolumeViz scenegraph generator.

Implementing 2D TransferFunction.

Ambient Occlusion.

color map

Create custom reader

DataSet Data transform

Fence slice rendering

Volume Transform

Get Data Line

Get Data PolyLine

Get Data Plane

Get Data Box

Asynchronous Get Data Box

Multi Threaded Get Data Box

Get Data Trace

Large Slice Support

Multi Channel rendering 1

Multi Channel rendering 2

Multiple volumes and GPU

MultiData CPU data compose

MultiData GPU data compose

Edge 2D

Heightfield rendering

Multi Volume rendering

Region Of Interest Manipulation

Volume Rendering Clipping

Uniform grid clipping

Height field rendering

In memory Height field rendering

Height field RGBA rendering


Isosurface rendering

Lighted Volume

Volume Shader

Volume rendering with shadows

VolumeData and VolumeRender node

VolumeMask and VolumeMaskGroup node

SoVolumeDataDrawstyle example

Volume Geometry

VolumeMask editing demonstration

Surface scalar

Projection on Volume render

Volume Skin

VolRend Demo

SoVolumeData editing demonstration

segmented interpolation

SoOrthoSlice rendering of RGBA dataset

VolumeViz with a custom viewer

Volume Clipping with SoCircularExtrusion

Volume Clipping with CSG operation

Volume Clipping with horizon

Custom shader with horizon

Volume extraction

Volume Picking on GPU

Create custom writer

Volume editing features

Volume Editing by solid extrusion

Interactive volume editing with picking.

Deferred lighting

SoVolumeData and SoTexture2 GPU composition.

VolumeData and Axis in VolumeRender node

TransferFunction node and Shaders

ImageViz extension examples.

RemoteViz extensions examples.



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Shader API.

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