Volume Clipping with SoCircularExtrusion

VolumeViz Demonstate SoVolumeClippingGroup and SoCircularExtrusion usage.

This example shows how to use a VolumeClippingGroup to clip a VolumeData with a CircularExtrusion than can be selected by the user from a set. Some SoCircularExtrusion are created on the fly inside the volume of the chosen VolumeData .ldm file, the VolumeData is sketched in the scene by mean of its bounding box. The fields ( radius and activesection start and end points ) of the selected SoCircularExtrusion can be modified interactively by the user. The SoPipeShas owns one SoComplexity node as to see how its value impacts on the Pipe representation. A check-box enables the user to see the VolumeData LDM topology. The scene graph contains a VolumeClippingGroup node that is used to clip the VolumeData. When a CircularExtrusion is selected the selection callback assigns the selected Pipe as child of this VolumeClippingGroup node.



SoVolumeRender, SoVolumeClippingGroup, SoCircularExtrusion, SoComplexity


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