Class SoImageRegistrationTransform.RegistrationEvent

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    public static class SoImageRegistrationTransform.RegistrationEvent
    extends Inventor
    implements SbEventArg
    This event describes the evolution of the registration process. The user can access to the current similarity, the current transformation, the estimated progression.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RegistrationEvent

        public RegistrationEvent​(SoImageVizEngine engine,
                                 float progress,
                                 double similarity,
                                 SbMatrix matrix)
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getSimilarity

        public double getSimilarity()
        Returns the similarity measurement between the 2 overlapped images. The measurement and the range of the similarity will vary according to the metric type. Whatever the metric used, a higher similarity means a better registration. Similarity values from different metrics cannot be compared.

        The similarity value is defined in .

      • getProgress

        public float getProgress()
        Returns the progress value of processing in the range [0-1].
      • getTransform

        public SbMatrix getTransform()
        Returns the current estimated transformation.