Package com.openinventor.imageviz.engines.imageanalysis.morphometry

The purpose of Morphometry category is to calculate morphometric parameters either in 3D based on a volume model, or in 2D from crossection images (individually or integrated over a volume-of-interest). These parameters have a general scientific meaning. Some of them correspond to a bone ASBMR structural parameter. In these cases, a reference to the ASBMR nomenclature is given in the documentation of the associated member of the output class object (e.g., SbAverageObjectAreaPerSliceDetail). Such reference to ASBMR parameter is written inside square brackets.

How to use mask

Some engines take a mask image as a parameter. If no mask image is set (default), then the computation is done on the whole input image. But when a mask image is provided, the input image is filtered similar to an SoMaskImageProcessing engine and the result is computed only on the specified regions (where the mask value is not equal to 0).