Class SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d

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    public class SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d
    extends SoImageVizEngine
    As of Open Inventor 2023.2. ImageViz API is replaced by the new ImageDev toolkit.
    SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d engine. The SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d engine enhances the color differences found in a color image.

    This engine maximizes (stretches) the difference between different bands of data, by trying to remove the inter-bands correlation found in the input pixels. By using Eigen vectors and covariance matrix, the data is "rotated" into a new space where the values are then maximized, and returned to the original space.

    The transformation matrix T applied at each pixel is composed from a rotation matrix R and a stretching vector :

    where denotes the matrix of eigenvectors and is formed by taking the reciprocal of the square root of each element in the eigenvalue vector and by multiplying it by the desired standard deviation for the output image bands.

    The SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d is a process that is usually used to enhance the color differences found in a color image. The input image may reach the two following conditions:

    • In one band, at least one pixel value has to be different of the other pixels values,
    • The value at each pixel in one band cannot be a linear combination of the pixel values of the other bands.

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        public SoDecorrelationStretchProcessing2d()