Class SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d

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    public class SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d
    extends SoImageVizEngine
    SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d image filter. The SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d engine makes filtered images thanks to Gabor filters, which are well known for localisation in frequency and space. All these filters are made in the Fourier Space (frequency space). Gabor filters recover this space.

    For a number of angles and a number of frequences , we can define filters of Gabor :

    • for the angles ,
    • and the frequencies . being the Nyquist frequency.

    The frequency responses are: where , , , and being the centered and normalized coordinates.

    File format/default:

    GaborFilteringProcessing2d {

      inImage NULL
      frequencyNumber 4
      angleNumber 4

    Library references: gaborfiltering

    • Field Detail

      • inImage

        public final SoSFImageDataAdapter inImage
        The input image. Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label color image.
      • frequencyNumber

        public final SoSFInt32 frequencyNumber
        The number of frequencies. Default value is 4.
      • angleNumber

        public final SoSFInt32 angleNumber
        The number of angles. Default value is 4.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d

        public SoGaborFilteringProcessing2d()