Class SoBilateralFilterProcessing

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    public class SoBilateralFilterProcessing
    extends SoImageVizEngine
    SoBilateralFilterProcessing engine. The SoBilateralFilterProcessing engine edge-preserving smoothing filter.

    For an introduction to smoothing and denoising image filters, see section Image Filters.

    This engine is an edge-preserving smoothing filter. The intensity value at each voxel in an image is replaced by a weighted average of intensity values from nearby pixels. Crucially the weights depend on distance in color space from the voxel in question. This preserves sharp edges by systematically excluding pixels across discontinuities from consideration:

    where is a weighting similarity factor and is a local normalisation factor given by:

    The greater is, the stronger the blur is.

    : SoDespeckleProcessing, SoSigmaFilterProcessing, SoUnsharpMaskingProcessing.

    File format/default:

    BilateralFilterProcessing {

      computeMode MODE_AUTO
      kernelSize 3 3 3
      inImage NULL
      similarity 20.0f
      filterMode BILATERAL

    Library references: bilateralfilter bilateralfilter3d