Class SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing

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    public class SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing
    extends SoImageVizEngine
    As of Open Inventor 2023.2. ImageViz API is replaced by the new ImageDev toolkit.
    SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing image filter. The SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing engine performs a opening by reconstruction.

    An opening by reconstruction consists in applying an erosion followed by a morphological reconstruction. In the binary case an opening by reconstruction can be used for removing small objects without modifying edges of the large objects. In the grayscale case opening by reconstruction can be used for performing a Top Hat by reconstruction which allows to detect bright small structures without getting artifacts from the boundary concavities of large structures.

    File format/default:

    OpeningByReconstructionProcessing {

      computeMode MODE_AUTO
      neighborhood3d CONNECTIVITY_26
      inImage NULL
      elementSize 3

    Library references: openingbyrec openingbyrec3d

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      • SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing

        public SoOpeningByReconstructionProcessing()