Class SoOpeningCubeProcessing

    • Field Detail

      • neighborhood3d

        public final SoSFEnum<SoImageVizEngine.Neighborhood3ds> neighborhood3d
        In 3D configuration (see computeMode), the neighborhood connectivity defines the connectivity considered for processing adjacent voxels. . Default is CONNECTIVITY_26.
      • inImage

        public final SoSFImageDataAdapter inImage
        The input image. Default value is NULL. Supported types include: grayscale binary label color image.
      • elementSize

        public final SoSFInt32 elementSize
        The half size of the structuring element. A structuring element always has an odd side length (3x3, 5x5, etc) which is defined by 2 * elementSize + 1. Default value is 3.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoOpeningCubeProcessing

        public SoOpeningCubeProcessing()