Class SoSegmentChain

    • Field Detail

      • sizes

        public final SoMFInt32 sizes
        Array containing the number connected vertices in each segment chain. The size of the array is the number of chains.

        A chain with n connected vertices has (n-1) segment. A chain cannot have less than 2 vertices.

      • vertices

        public final SoMFVec3d vertices
        Ordered list of vertices used in all the segment chains. Here is an example on how to iterate over each vertices of each chain.
         int indexAccumulator = 0;
         for (int chainIndex=0; chainIndex<sizes.getNum(); ++chainIndex)
           for (int vertexIndex=0; vertexIndex<sizes[chainIndex]; ++vertexIndex)
             fprintf(stdout,"chain %d - vertices %d = (%.3g %.3g %.3g)\n",
                  chainIndex, vertexIndex,
           indexAccumulator += sizes[chainIndex];
    • Constructor Detail

      • SoSegmentChain

        public SoSegmentChain()
        Default constructor.