Class SoMorphoLut3D

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    public class SoMorphoLut3D
    extends SoFieldContainer
    As of Open Inventor 2023.2. ImageViz API is replaced by the new ImageDev toolkit.
    class that represents a morphological look-up table (LUT). Class that represents a 3D morphological look-up table (LUT).

    SoFieldContainer, SbKernel3i32

    • Constructor Detail

      • SoMorphoLut3D

        public SoMorphoLut3D()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • insertKernel

        public void insertKernel​(SbKernel3i32 kernel3d,
                                 SoMorphoLut3D.InsertModes insertMode,
                                 int kernelRotationX,
                                 int kernelRotationY,
                                 int kernelRotationZ)
        Inserts a kernel into the LUT. kernel3d The kernel to add. A 3D-kernel should contain exactly 27 values. Accepted values for the kernel are:
        • 0: pixel is off
        • 1: pixel is on
        • 2: pixel is ignored
        insertMode The insertion mode of the kernel. See SoMorphoLut.InsertMode. kernelRotationX Rotation applied to the kernel on X-axis before insertion. kernelRotationY Rotation applied to the kernel on Y-axis before insertion. kernelRotationZ Rotation applied to the kernel on Z-axis before insertion. Value should be between 0 (no rotation) and 7. Rotation is counter-clockwise on axis direction. Rotation are applied in the following order: rotation on X-axis, rotation on Y-axis and rotation on Z-axis.

        An SbException is is thrown if the size of the kernel is not 3x3x3.

      • getKernel

        public SbKernel3i32 getKernel​(int indexKernel)
        Returns the specified kernel.

        indexKernel - index of the kernel (cannot exceed registered number of kernels).
      • getNumKernels

        public long getNumKernels()
        Returns the number of kernels registered in the LUT.