Class SoPickAction

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    public class SoPickAction
    extends SoAction
    Abstract base class for picking objects in a scene. This is an abstract base class for all picking actions. Currently, the only supported subclass is the SoRayPickAction.

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    • Method Detail

      • setViewportRegion

        public void setViewportRegion​(SbViewportRegion newRegion)
        Sets current viewport region to use for action. Even though the picking operation may not involve a window per se, some nodes need this information to determine their size and placement.
      • enableElement

        public static void enableElement​(java.lang.Class<? extends Inventor> t,
                                         int stkIndex)
      • isCullingEnabled

        public boolean isCullingEnabled()
      • enableCulling

        public void enableCulling​(boolean flag)
      • getViewportRegion

        public SbViewportRegion getViewportRegion()
        Returns current viewport region to use for action.