Class SiAntialiasingEventListener

  • public class SiAntialiasingEventListener
    extends Inventor
    Antialiasing change event listener interface. This interface provides the list of change event methods that subclasses must define.
    • Method Detail

      • onAntialiasingSwitch

        public boolean onAntialiasingSwitch​(SoSceneManager.AntialiasingModes mode,
                                            float quality,
                                            SoAntialiasingParameters parameters)
        This method is called when the antialiasing parameters are modified in the scene manager.

        Note The mode provided here is the actual mode. If the SoSceneManager.setAntialiasing method is called with AUTO, the mode provided here will be the algorithm selected by the scenemanager. The AUTO mode will never be used here.

        a boolean to indicates if the listener was able to configure the graphic device for the specified mode.