Class SoEnvironmentElement

  • public class SoEnvironmentElement
    extends SoReplacedElement
    Stores the current environment. This element stores the current environment.
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    • Method Detail

      • push

        public void push​(SoState state)
        Pushes element. Allows for side effects to occur. Default methods do nothing.
        push in class SoElement
      • getClassStackIndex

        public static int getClassStackIndex()
        As of Open Inventor replaced by SoElement.getClassStackIndex(Class)
        Returns the stack id for this element. ] *
      • getLightAttenuation

        public static SbVec3f getLightAttenuation​(SoState state)
        Gets the light attenuation.
      • getAmbientOcclusion

        public static boolean getAmbientOcclusion​(SoState state)
        Gets the ambient occlusion state (true : activated, otherwise deactivated)
      • getAmbientIntensity

        public static float getAmbientIntensity​(SoState state)
        Gets the ambient intensity.
      • getAmbientColor

        public static SbColor getAmbientColor​(SoState state)
        Gets the ambient color.