Class SoStereoElement

  • public class SoStereoElement
    extends SoElement
    Stores the current stereo attributes. This element stores the current stereo attributes.

    • Method Detail

      • setBalanceAdjustment

        public static void setBalanceAdjustment​(SoState state,
                                                float stbalance)
        Calls setBalanceAdjustment(state, stbalance, (boolean)false).
      • getBalanceAdjustment

        public static float getBalanceAdjustment​(SoState state)
        Returns the stereo balance adjustment.
      • getClassStackIndex

        public static int getClassStackIndex()
        As of Open Inventor replaced by SoElement.getClassStackIndex(Class)
        Returns the stack id for this element. ] *
      • setStereoAbsoluteAdjustments

        public static void setStereoAbsoluteAdjustments​(SoState state,
                                                        boolean absolute)
        Indicates if the stereo offset and and balance setting should be interpreted as factors or as absolute parameters. If true, the stereo adjustments are absolute.
      • set

        public static void set​(SoState state,
                               SoCamera.StereoModes mode)
        Sets the stereo mode, LEFT_VIEW, RIGHT_VIEW, or MONOSCOPIC.
      • getInterEyeDistance

        public static float getInterEyeDistance​(SoState state)
        Returns the inter-eye distance (immersive MP only).
      • getReversedView

        public static boolean getReversedView​(SoState state)
        Returns the inverted view flag.
      • isBalanceAdjustmentNearFrac

        public static boolean isBalanceAdjustmentNearFrac​(SoState state)
        Returns true when the stereo balance adjustement is defined as a fraction of the camera near distance. See setBalanceAdjustment.
      • isStereoAbsoluteAdjustments

        public static boolean isStereoAbsoluteAdjustments​(SoState state)
        Returns true if stereo adjustments are absolute. See setStereoAbsoluteAdjustments().
      • setInterEyeDistance

        public static void setInterEyeDistance​(SoState state,
                                               float ied)
        Sets the inter-eye distance (immersive MP only).
      • setReversedView

        public static void setReversedView​(SoState state,
                                           boolean strev)
        Sets the stereo inverted view flag.
      • setBalanceAdjustment

        public static void setBalanceAdjustment​(SoState state,
                                                float stbalance,
                                                boolean stNearFrac)
        Sets the stereo balance adjustment. When stNearFrac is set to true, stbalance value is considered to be a fraction of the camera near distance.
      • setStereoAdjustment

        public static void setStereoAdjustment​(SoState state,
                                               float stoffset)
        Sets the stereo offset adjustment.
      • getStereoAdjustment

        public static float getStereoAdjustment​(SoState state)
        Returns the stereo offset adjustment.