Class SoCADInputReader

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    public class SoCADInputReader
    extends SoInputReader
    Class for importing a scene graph from a CAD file. This class can import data from a number of CAD file formats to an Open Inventor scenegraph.

    Note that for each format, if the required license are available reading a file into Open Inventor is just like reading in an Open Inventor format file. Open Inventor will open the file and automatically detect its format and use this class to do the import.

    List of supported formats:

      File extensions File Format
      .catpart, .catproduct CATIA V5. See CATIAV5_DETAILS.
      .3dxml CATIA V6. See CATIAV6_DETAILS.
      .iges, .igs IGES reader. See IGES_DETAILS.
      .jt JT. See JT_DETAILS.
      .xmt, .x_t, .x_b ParaSolid. see PARASOLID_DETAILS.
      .par, .asm, .psm, .pwd SolidEdge. see SOLIDEDGE_DETAILS
      .sldprt, .sldasm SolidWorks. see SOLIDWORKS_DETAILS
      .prt Unigraphics. see UNIGRAPHICS_DETAILS
      .step, .stp, .stp.Z STEP. see STEP_DETAILS
      .dwg Autocad Dwg. see DWG_DETAILS.
      .asm, .prt, .xar, .xpr PROECREO. see PROECREO_DETAILS.
      .vda VDA.

    Important Notes:

    Part names will be imported, but since the names are assigned directly to nodes, the Open Inventor node name limitations will be enforced automatically (see SoBase.setName()). For example ' ' (blank or space) characters are replaced with '_' (underscore) characters and a leading '#' (hash or pound sign) character will be replaced with "_" (underscore).

    CATIA V5 Input details:

    • Supports release from CatiaV5 R7 to R23 (called V5-6R2013)

    CATIA V6 Input details:

    • Supports the Geometry Reading from R2010x to R2013x.

    DWG Input details:

    • Supports version from 2.5 up to 2013
    • Converts 3d entities and meshs
    • Converts wireframe

    IGES Input details:

    • Supports release until 5.3

    JT Input details:

    • Supports Tesselated Jt 3D files, and B-REP.
    • Supports formats up 10.2.

    PARASOLID Input details:

    • Supports version: v7 to v26

    ProE/Creo Parametric Input details:

    • Supports Pro/E 2000i to Creo Parametric 2.0

    SolidEdge Input details:

    • Support version: up to ST6.

    SolidWorks Input details:

    • Support version: 1999 to 2014.

    STEP Input details:

    • Support STEP protocols : AP203 (Edition 1, Edition 2), AP214 (up to Edition 3), AP242 (Edition 1 pre-DIS).

    Unigraphics Input details:

    • Supports version: v10 to UGNX9

    See Also:
    SoInput, SoInputParameters, SoCADFileFormat, SoCADInputReaderParameters
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        public SoCADInputReader()