Interface SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling

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    public interface SiRenderAreaStillSuperSampling
    RenderArea still supersampling interface. This interface provides the list of methods that renderAreas must define to use still supersampling feature.

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      • setStillSuperSamplingQuality

        void setStillSuperSamplingQuality​(float quality)
        Set quality for supersampling when "still" (not interacting). When quality is greater than 0, still images will be automatically supersampled.
      • setStillSuperSamplingDelay

        void setStillSuperSamplingDelay​(int delay)
        Set delay for supersampling when "still" (not interacting). If greater than 0, images will be supersampled after the specified delay. The delay is in milliseconds.