Class SoTransferFunctionElement

    • Method Detail

      • hasTransparency

        public static boolean hasTransparency​(SoState state)
        returns true if one (at least) accumulated transferFuncion contains a transparency
      • set

        public static void set​(SoState state,
                               SoNode node,
                               SoTransferFunction m_transferFunctionNode)
        Sets/Gets the current volume data attributes in the state.
      • push

        public void push​(SoState name_24474)
        Pushes element. Allows for side effects to occur. Default methods do nothing.
        push in class SoAccumulatedElement
      • getClassStackIndex

        public static int getClassStackIndex()
        As of Open Inventor replaced by SoElement.getClassStackIndex(Class)
        Returns the stack id for this element. ] *