Package com.openinventor.ldm

Large Data Management. Large Data Management (LDM) is an Open Inventor extension for managing data sets that may be extremely large. LDM is used, for example, in the VolumeViz extensions to manage very large volume data sets, for example seismic

LDM supports data sets that are both tiled (subdivided into blocks) and multi-resolution (both full resolution and subsampled tiles exist). The advantage of tiling is that memory can be managed much more efficiently by avoiding the need to allocate very large contiguous chunks of memory and by loading only the tiles that are actually needed for rendering or computation. The advantage of multi-resolution is that a low resolution version of the data can be loaded very quickly, lower resolution data can be used for rendering if the full data set does not fit in memory and lower resolution data can be used to improve rendering performance.

LDM provides converter classes to create LDM data sets from native data sets.