Class SoVRLdmFileReader

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    public class SoVRLdmFileReader
    extends SoLDMReader
    LDM file reader. LDM is a format for storing hierarchical multi-resolution volume data, defined by VSG. VolumeViz includes a utility program that can convert other formats (supported by VolumeViz) into this format. Preprocessing volume data into this format provides the maximum benefits from the VolumeViz large data management (LDM) features.

    The default VolumeViz LDM file format is based on an octree topology. The data is stored in tiles of different subsampling resolution.

    The first tile in the file represents the entire volume at its lowest resolution and corresponds to the root of the octree. The next 8 tiles represent octants of the entire volume at a lower subsample step. There is another set of 8 tiles for each of these tiles, and so on, until reaching tiles of full resolution.

    The tile index starts at 0 for the root and increments linearly into the octree (1 to 8 for octree children, 9 to 16 for children of tile 1, and so on).

    The data of a tile is accessed with the readTile function by passing an index and allocated buffer.

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        public SoVRLdmFileReader()
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