Class SoVolumeWriter

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    SoVRLdmFileWriter, SoVRMemoryWriter

    public abstract class SoVolumeWriter
    extends SoFieldContainer
    Abstract base class for volume data writer. Base class used to write volume data. Data are generally organised by tiles (like in LDM) or by slices (like in DICOM).

    The isDataConverted() method must be reimplemented in derived classes and return true if the data is organized in tiles. In this case, the writeTile() method MUST be implemented and will be used to write data.

    If isDataConverted() returns false, the writeSubSlice() method MUST be implemented and will be used to write data.


     SoVRLdmFileWriter writer = new SoVRLdmFileWriter();
     // set parameters
     writer.headerFilename.setValue( "myFile.ldm" );
     writer.dimension.setValue( 128, 128, 128 );
     writer.extent.setValue( -1,-1,-1, 1,1,1  );
     // Initialize
     // Write data
     if ( writer.isDataConverted() ) {
       SoLDMTileID tileID = new SoLDMTileID( 0 );
       SoCpuBufferObject tileBuffer = new SoCpuBufferObject();
       writer.writeTile( tileID, tileBuffer );
     else {
       int sliceIndex = 0;
       SbBox2i32 subSlice = new SbBox2i32( 0,0, 128,128 );
       SoCpuBufferObject sliceBuffer = new SoCpuBufferObject();
       writer.writeSubSlice( sliceIndex, subSlice, sliceBuffer );
     // Finalize

    See Also:
    SoVRLdmFileWriter, SoVRMemoryWriter
    • Field Detail

      • extent

        public final SoSFBox3f extent
        Extent of dataset. Default is (-1, -1, -1, 1, 1, 1)
      • dimension

        public final SoSFVec3i32 dimension
        Dimension of dataset, in voxels. Default is empty.
      • dataType

        public final SoSFEnum<SoDataSet.DataTypes> dataType
        Type of input data (that will be given in the writeXXX method) . Default is UNSIGNED_BYTE.
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        public boolean initialize()
        Initialize writer. Allocates memory and other resources depending on the kind of writer. By default do nothing.
      • finish

        public boolean finish()
        Finish writing the file, free ressources, ... depending on kind of writer.
      • writeSubSlice

        public boolean writeSubSlice​(int sliceIndex,
                                     SbBox2i32 subSlice,
                                     SoBufferObject buffer)
        Writes the data contained in the specified subslice. This function must be called only if isDataConverted() return false.

        Must be reimplemented in children classes.

      • isDataConverted

        public boolean isDataConverted()
        Returns true if the data is already organized in tiles for the LDM module.
        In other words, all writers that directly support the writeTile() method should return true from isDataConverted.

        If true is returned, VolumeViz will use the writeTile method and will not call writeSubVolume() or writeSubSlice().

        Must be reimplemented in children classes.

      • closeAllHandles

        public boolean closeAllHandles()
        Close all ressources that are locked by the writer so that someone else can read or write to them. For example, if the writer write to a file, this method must close the file so that someone else can re-open it in read mode.
      • restoreAllHandles

        public boolean restoreAllHandles()
        Restore ressources that was closed by closeAllHandles.