Class OrthoSliceBorder

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    public class OrthoSliceBorder
    extends SoNode
    No longer supported, use SoOrthoSlice instead (Preview Feature) Ortho slice shape node with border.

    Preview Feature means this class is fully supported and can be used in Open Inventor applications. Being tagged as a Preview Feature just means that the implementation is still subject to API changes and adjustments based on feedback from early adopters. Please be also aware that source compatibility might be broken regardless of the Open Inventor compatibility changes policy due to our commitment to bring needed changes to be sure the specifications of this Preview Feature match the expectations of our customers.

    Even if this node does not extend the class SoOrthoSlice, it defines a custom ortho (axis aligned) slice along the X, Y, or Z axis of a volume defined by an SoVolumeData node.

    In addition to the standard features of SoOrthoSlice, this node can render a border around the slice using the specified borderColor.

    The border color can be used, for example, to help the user see at a glance which axis each slice corresponds to. Another use is to change the border color when a slice is selected.

    File format/default:

    OrthoSliceBorder {

      sliceNumber 0
      axis Z
      interpolation LINEAR
      alphaUse ALPHA_BINARY
      useRGBA FALSE
      clipping FALSE
      clippingSide BACK
      alternateRep NULL
      enableBumpMapping FALSE
      bumpScale 1.0
      border TRUE
      borderColor 1 0.5 0

    See also: SoOrthoSlice, SoObliqueSlice, ObliqueSliceBorder

    • Field Detail

      • border

        public SoSFBool border
        Enable the border. Default is true.
      • borderColor

        public SoSFColor borderColor
        Border color. Default is orange (1, 0.5, 0).
      • sliceNumber

        public SoSFUInt32 sliceNumber
        Slice number.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OrthoSliceBorder

        public OrthoSliceBorder()