Class PoPolarAxis

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    PoPolarLinAxis, PoPolarLogAxis

    public class PoPolarAxis
    extends PoAxis
    Abstract class for polar axis. Abstract class for polar axes. This class handles the offset, start radius, end radius and the rotation angle theta of polar axis. The inherited fields gridLengthGradSide and gridLengthGradOtherSide are expressed in radians (grid lines are arcs of circle).
    • Field Detail

      • offset

        public final SoSFFloat offset
        Offset for the axis.
      • startRadius

        public final SoSFFloat startRadius
        Radius at the start of the axis.
      • endRadius

        public final SoSFFloat endRadius
        Radius at the end of the axis.
      • theta

        public final SoSFFloat theta
        Rotation angle of the axis in radians.
      • multFactorDistAxis

        public final SoSFFloat multFactorDistAxis
        Distance from the mutiplicative factor to the axis. This value is a percentage of the current domain (cf PoBase description). If this value is <= 0, the distance is automatically calculated.
    • Method Detail

      • getMultFactor

        public PoPolarAxis.MultFactor getMultFactor()
        Returns the current multiplicative factor attributes (those computed can be different from the associated fields).