Class PoNonLinearDataMapping

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    public class PoNonLinearDataMapping
    extends PoDataMapping
    Node class to define a non linear data mapping. This node defines the current data mapping for all subsequent MeshViz representations which use it. There is no data mapping until a PoDataMapping node is traversed.

    This node defines a non linear association between colors, transparencies and floating-point values. In other words, this association is defined by 2 functions F(c,v) and F(c,t):

          F(c,v)(V) = C (with c being a color and v being a value).
          F(t,v)(V) = T (with t being a transparency and v being a value).
    F(c,v) and F(t,v) are given by the user. If they are not given by the user, default one are used. The default F(c,v) computes a linear data mapping between black and white. The default F(c,t) returns always 0.
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        public PoNonLinearDataMapping()