Class MoMaterial

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    public class MoMaterial
    extends MoActionNode
    Property node that defines the material of surface representations.

    This node specifies the coloring to be used in subsequent nodes inheriting from MoMeshRepresentation and defining a surface.
    Specifically the face, edge and point coloring methods which can be uniform or contouring:

    • uniform color means that all entities are drawn using the face, line or edge color
    • contouring means that the rendering uses the color mapping defined by a scalar set and a color mapping function (see MoColorMapping) to display color contours
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    • Field Detail

      • faceColor

        public SoSFColor faceColor
        Uniform color used for faces when faceColoring is set to COLOR. The default value is white: (1,1,1).
      • lineColor

        public SoSFColor lineColor
        Uniform color used for lines and edges when lineColoring is set to COLOR. The default value is red: (1,0,0).
      • pointColor

        public SoSFColor pointColor
        Uniform color used for points when pointColoring is set to COLOR. The default value is green: (0,1,0).
      • transparency

        public SoSFFloat transparency
        Transparency value used to display surfaces. 1 means fully transparent, 0 opaque. The default value is 0.
    • Constructor Detail

      • MoMaterial

        public MoMaterial()
        Constructs a property node with color and coloring options set to default values.
        • faceColoring = CONTOURING
        • faceColor = white
        • lineColoring = CONTOURING
        • lineColor = red
        • pointColoring = CONTOURING
        • pointColor = green
        • transparency = 0