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    public interface MiCellFilterIjk
    extends MiCellFilter
    Interface class defining a cell filter for structured volume meshes.

    This class specifies the interface used for filtering cells on structured volume meshes.
    Filtering cells is a way to specify which cells are used to build the mesh representation.

    When the method acceptCell returns false, the cell specified by the indices (i,j,k) is not taken into account by the extraction. It is as if the mesh does not contain this cell.

    In order to define a custom cell filter for a structured volume mesh, create a class derived from this class.

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        boolean acceptCell​(int i,
                           int j,
                           int k)
        Checks if the cell is accepted.

        Accepted cells are used to during the extraction process.

        The implementation of this method must be thread-safe because it might be called concurrently by multiple threads. The way this method is implemented is critical for performance. Any inefficient implementation may impact very significantly the duration of the skin or slab extractions. For instance, using a mutex to ensure this method is thread-safe is in general not efficient.

        i - i index of the cell
        j - j index of the cell
        k - k index of the cell
        true if the cell is accepted.