Class SoVRAmFileReader

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    public class SoVRAmFileReader
    extends SoVolumeReader
    Am file reader. AmiraMesh file format.

    Amira mesh is a general purpose file format that can contain many different kinds of data. This is the native file format for the Amira and Avizo applications ( Many other visualization and analysis applications import and export this format.

    The VolumeViz file reader can load Amira mesh files containing a 3-dimensional "Lattice" data object with uniform coordinates and any data type.

    Note: VolumeViz cannot automatically open Amira/Avizo format data files unless they have the file name extension ".am". To open an Amira/Avizo data file with a different extension, the application must explicitly create an instance of this reader and use the SoVolumeData method setReader().


    • Currently cannot load RLE encoded volume data.
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        public SoVRAmFileReader()
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        public int getHeaderSize()